Sat, April 10,2021 5PM PDT (Sun, April 11, 2021 8AM CST)

California University-Silicon Valley (CUSV) is derived from Nine Star University of Health and Sciences (NSUHS). NSUHS has been rooted in the Silicon Valley for more than a decade with reputation. The new name “California University-Silicon Valley” (CUSV), is officially granted in 2020, meant to broaden the horizon of our vision and capacity. In light of the Covid 19 pandemic, we will contribute more to the community and take the TCM education to the next level. 

During the Covid 19 period, we have been providing high quality online education for all enrolled students and also taking all medically secured methods for all clinical studies. CUSV Summer Semester starts on May 3, 2021. We are hosting the online open house session in Chinese to answer all questions regarding enrollment.

Please sign up here to make a reservation on April 10,2021.

4/10/2021 週六 5:00 PM 太平洋時間 (4/11/2021 週日 8:00 AM 亞洲大中華地區時間)

加州大學硅谷(California University-Silicon Valley, 簡稱CUSV)的前身為河洛醫科大學,在加州硅谷深耕十多年,正式於2020年正式更名,有感新冠病毒造成全球災情,期許能將中醫教學與預防保健觀念推廣到全世界。

加州大學硅谷夏季班即將於 5/3/21開始,本次網路招生說明會將針對夏季入學做說明。


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