2022.06.26 Chinese Medicine Day Free Clinic@CUSV

2022.06.26 Chinese Medicine Day Free Clinic@CUSV

Time: June 26, 2022 Sunday, 11 am -2pm

Location: 441 De Guigne Drive, Sunnyvale, CA 94085

國醫節始於1929年,是為紀念1929年中醫界反抗當時國民政府衛生部通過西醫余岩提議「取締中醫」的運動。 這一次的運動博得全國上下一致支持,爭取到最後勝利,因得來不易,故訂三月十七日這一天為「國醫節」,到今年已經是第93屆。 國醫節由世界各地的中醫界人士組織而進行各式各樣慶祝活動,北加州的國醫節組委會主要成員包括:美國中醫公會,美國中藥聯商會和中醫大學院校。今年中醫院校聯合為國醫節的主辦單位,由加州五系中醫大學校長Ron Zaidman為執行主席,加州大學硅谷校長楊磊為秘書長。

為慶祝國醫節,2022 年 6 月 26 日週日將舉辦一場由灣區中醫藥大學和志願中醫師提供的義診活動。 加州大學硅谷 (CUSV)全體碩士班師生很榮幸能與灣區的其他中醫藥大學一起為社區服務。另外國醫節會場全場將展出由美國中醫公會主辦的“中醫發展史圖片展”


The Chinese Medicine Day began in 1929 to commemorate the movement of the Chinese medicine community against the National Government Ministry of Health’s proposal by Western medicine doctor Yu Yan to “ban Chinese medicine” in China. The movement won unanimous support from all over the country and won the final victory. Because it was hard-earned, March 17 was designated as the “Chinese Medicine  Day”, and this year will be the 93rd. The Chinese Medicine Day is organized by people from the Chinese medicine community around the world to hold various celebrations. The main members of the Organizing Committee of the Chinese Medicine Day in Northern California include: American Association of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture (AACMA), Chinese Herb Trade Association of Northern California (CHTANC) and the TCM Universities in the Bay Area. This year, TCM universities are jointly organized as the sponsor of the Chinese Medical Day celebration. Ron Zaidman, president of Five Branches University, is the executive chairman, and Philip Yang, president of California University-Silicon Valley, is the secretary-general. 

In celebration of Chinese Medicine Day, there will be a Free Clinic event on June 26, 2022 hosted by the TCM Universities and volunteered TCM doctors. California University-Silicon Valley (CUSV) faculty and students are proud to join forces with the TCM Universities in the Bay Area to serve the community. Also there will be a photo exhibition of the History of Chinese Medicine at the event venue organized by AACMA.
The Free Clinic service will cover acupuncture, tuina, TCM traumatology practice and herbal medicine prescription. We welcome everyone to join us. Please sign up on the web page, we will arrange reception by staff.

On site attendees, please wear your masks and arrive earlier to be seated. CUSV follows the Covid protection protocol to keep everyone with safe distance.

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