How to grasp the skills of making diagnosis through touching spine with fingers. To find the root cause of diseases so that you can treat the disease fundamentally and efficiently.
如何掌握用手指触摸脊椎做出诊断的技巧。 找到疾病的根本原因,从病根開始有效地治疗疾病

Learn the relationship between Spine and symptoms below:

Nose allergy 鼻子過敏
Migraine 偏头痛
Infertility 不孕症
Arrhythmia 心率不齐
Angina 心绞痛
Tumors 肿瘤
Indigestion 消化不良

This course will be held twice a week:
Tuesday and Wednesday 6:00-9:00pm

10 classes for $535
Returning students free

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