Student Intern Clinic

The mission of the Internship Clinic is to provide a reality-based clinical training environment for the clinical internship phase of education, to prepare students to become effective interns in an integrated medical setting, to reinforce the student’s practical and conceptual skills gained in didactic coursework, and to train primary care providers within the scope of acupuncture and Oriental Medicine practice as defined by California law.  Based on the student’s level of mastery and level of internship training, the clinic faculty will actively guide and support the student in assuming greater responsibility for various aspects of patient care leading to almost complete responsibility for patients while under close supervision of clinic faculty in the health care environment.

Educational Objectives of Clinical Internship Training

  • To prepare students to become an effective intern through supervised practice of patient intake skill, use of the Four Examinations, and completion of diagnosis, treatment planning, and patient evaluations.
  • To reinforce students practical and conceptual skills gained in didactic coursework and their application in the clinical setting.
  • To support students in using their physical diagnosis skill and to integrate their knowledge of biomedical pathophysiology, nutrition, pharmacology, etc. into their clinical interactions.
  • To support students in gaining the confidence necessary to treat more independently in a variety of patient scenarios.
  • To guide students’ development as a clinician through practice, the development of professional behavior and self-motivation.
  • To provide students with mentors to help them to mold their practice of Oriental medicine by exposing them to different styles of treatment through a variety clinical faculty.
  • To help students to make the theoretical knowledge of Oriental medicine become practical in the reality of a clinical setting.
  • To guide students through the process of working with and modifying traditional herbal formula and the writing of herbal formula.

Professional Clinic

Our clinic offers treatments by highly experienced licensed acupuncturists and chiropractors.

We can help patients with

Pain Relief on Back • Neck • Muscle • Shoulder • Knee

Stress & Anxiety Relief • Arthritis • Allergies

Relaxation • Headache/Migraines Relief

Weight Loss • Sports Injury • And more!

Services and Fees

Acupuncture by professor with intern$80.00
Acupuncture by licensed acupuncturist$120.00
Long Effect Needle$140
Clay Moxa (Moxibustion)$90.00
Acupuncture and Clay Moxa$150
Chiropractic care$75.00/30 min
Senior discount for services$10.00 off
Raw Herbs$10 per day
Powdered Herbs$50 per week

Our clinic is located at 441 De Guigne Dr., Sunnyvale, California 94085. We’re open Monday through Saturday.

Contact us at 408-733-6678