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California University-Silicon Valley (CUSV) will be at the 47th annual Sunnyvale Art & Wine Festival this weekend. We will have a booth for the Free Clinic service from 10AM to 6PM for both October 2nd and 3rd. 

Our Free Clinic Service will offer free consultation and acupuncture treatments, focusing on pain relief. Acupuncture is a proven treatment method of pain relief. It is one of the most popular holistic treatments of integrative medicine.

Date: Oct 2 Saturday and Oct 3 Sunday
Time: 10AM to 6PM
Location: Sunnyvale Downtown 

Join us for an Artisan Open Air Market with a Murphy Ave Food, Wine & Entertainment Feature. Enjoy Shopping, Dining, a Corvette Car Show, Entertainment for all ages, Exhibits, Live Art Installations and more….

Check out the event program here : https://www.svcoc.org/art-wine-festival/