The DOG DAYS Healing Arts 冬病夏治三伏天

The DOG DAYS Healing Arts 冬病夏治三伏天

What are the Dog Days?  It is the hottest period of the year in the long-term observation of nature by the ancient Chinese. It is a period of 30 or 40 days in summer in the lunar calendar, and it is the collective name for the first, middle, and last days.
什麼是三伏天? 三伏是中國古人長期觀察大自然中一年中最熱的時期。 夏令時是農曆夏季30天或40天的一段時期,是初、中、末日的統稱。

Why are the Dog Days important?  In Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, treating winter diseases in the summer during the Dog Days has the best results for cure and prevention.
為什麼三伏天很重要? 中醫理論認為,三伏天夏治冬病,具有最佳的治療和預防效果。

During the Dog Days, use herbal patch or moxibustion to stimulate specific acupoint to promote the circulation of Qi and blood, stimulate the functions of viscera to the maximum, and use the yang qi of summer to expel the potential cold condensate qi in the body to treat winter asthma, allergies, cold hands and feet, etc. Hot summer is the best season for warming and tonifying. The treatment during the period can promote blood circulation, introduce yang energy into the body, and expel evil energy. In order to achieve a more comprehensive effect, herbal patch and moxibustion can be used. Their functions complement each other and each has its own advantages.
在三伏天期間,用藥貼或艾灸,在特定的穴位上進行刺激,促進氣血循環,最大限度地激發臟腑功能,以夏天的至陽之氣,驅除體內潛在的寒凝之氣,治療冬季哮喘、過敏、手腳冰冷等。 炎熱夏季是溫補的最佳季節,期間的治療可以促進血液循環,導入體內陽氣,從而排出邪氣。為了達到更全面的效果,可用三伏貼加上艾灸,其功能相輔相成,各有千秋。

DOG DAYS Healing Arts Indications 三伏适应症

1. Asthma, chronic bronchitis, various chronic pharyngitis and other pulmonary diseases.
2. Allergic rhinitis, cold limbs and fear of cold, low immunity, repeated colds.
3. Deficiency cold headache, chronic deficiency cold, gastroenteritis, ulcer disease, diarrhea, indigestion, anorexia, stomach pain.
4. Rheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis and other bone and joint problems, neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain and other symptoms
5. Dysmenorrhea, premature menopause, infertility and other debilitating diseases and other gynecological problems.

DOG DAYS 三伏天 2023

Dog days are mainly divided into three stages, the beginning, middle, and end. In order to enhance the curative effect, two stages are added before and after. Doing herbal patches and moxibustion every time period will complete the best course of treatment for the whole year. The curative effect and corresponding symptoms of each stage are as follows:

Dog Days Stages 
Dog Days
Effects 功效Symptoms 主治
Pre Dog
07/01 ~ 07/10Cultivate vitality, dispel cold and dampness
Cold extremities, lethargyLumbago and leg pain, headache and dizziness
Initial Dog
07/11 ~ 07/20Cultivate vitality, nourish heart and spleen
Cold extremities, loose stools, chest tightness and heartache
Middle Dog
07/21 ~ 08/09Cultivate vital energy, invigorate the spleen and strengthen the lungs
Allergic asthma, weight loss and frailty, low immunity, insomnia
Latter Dog
08/10 ~ 08/19Cultivate vitality, warm meridian and dispel coldInvigorate the spleen and nourish the heart, nourish qi and blood
Excessive spleen dampness, skin eczema, weight gain, asthma, cough
Post Dog
08/20 ~ 08/31Warming the spleen and kidney, dispelling blood stasis and dispelling cold
Weakened immunity, shortness of breathIrregular heartbeat, insomnia and dreaminess

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