Energy Boost at CUSV Clinic

Energy Boost at CUSV Clinic

My husband and I visited Dr. Yang’s clinic while traveling to SJ to visit family & friends. I am 50YO female with several bulges in my disc and very low energy.

My symptoms seemed mysterious to me for years, as my western doctors would deem me just fine according to my tests. However, I do believe if you are connected to your body & listen to it, it will tell you that something is not right, and my body kept signaling to me that I was on my way down.

I have had acupuncture treatment locally in Los Angeles, and saw slight improvement each time, but my energy never returned, and I just chalked it up as “menopause” or “aging.”

Last Christmas my bestie from SJ came to visit and told me about Dr. Yang so I decided to make my trip to get a treatment by him- what could it hurt, I was already in such bad condition, I thought.

Dr. Yang asked a few questions and felt my spine & wrist for pulse, and diagnosed that I had a spleen issue. Due to that, the nutrients are not being properly distributed to parts of my body, including my disc and spine- thus the bulging and weakened bones.

There were some other things that he told me and they made sense to me- the root cause of many of my issues. So he treated me for two days in a row, and sent me back to LA w medication.

It’s been 3wks now…wow. I really didn’t expect myself to feel this much better. My energy returned! I had forgotten how active I was before I got sick because I just learned to deal w it- I can feel my brain working faster, and my perspective in life has improved- or back to “myself” I should say.

I am so grateful for Dr. Yang and his treatment. I write all this in hopes that it will help someone else who is experiencing something similar. I only went to him twice- and I am so much better- why not try it?

Mindee and Stewart from San Pedro, CA

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