President Philip Yang

General Master of China Yuan Gong (one of the medical qigong lineages ); founder of California University – Silicon Valley (CUSV), former named as Nine Star University of Health Sciences ; General Director of Overseas Chinese Worship Ceremony 2015-2018, Doctor of Oriental Medicine (OMD)Licensed Acupuncturist. (L.Ac).

Welcome to California University- Silicon Valley (CUSV)! I welcome you, not only because I am the president, I am one of the compassionate cultivators in CUSV, to escort you to be an outstanding acupuncturist and herbalist in the U.S. Striking the right balance between TCM curiosity and temptation and intellectual discipline, and remaining focused without becoming blinkered, should be an integral part of a successful graduate career. The CUSV environment provides all the ingredients for your pursuit of the medical profession.

Along with the faculty and staff, we will extend our warm hands to make you feel you are one of the valued family members of CUSV. We will strive to inspire you to do best academically and clinically in the whole process of training. You will be facilitated with signature skills and competencies of TCM identification, unique needling techniques and ultimate herbal prescription strategies, which are transcendental concepts from classic Chinese Medicine and renovations of these techniques. You will be proud of yourself for your absolutely competitive skills in the acupuncture profession after your completion of the study. From the moment you enter the gate of CUSV, to the minute you hold your certificate of graduation, you will find, I am honest to you.

Please follow the map–The Student Handbook, to maximize your learning experience at CUSV.
Thank you for choosing CUSV!

Philip Yang, OMD. L.Ac.