Master of TCM degree program requires 143 units of academic courses and 960 hours of clinical internship for graduation.
Based on applicants’ admission status, additional fees will apply.

MTCM tuition without fees $49435
MTCM tuition with fees starts from $50685

Admission Fees

Application fee (Local Students)$150Non-refundable
Application fee (International Students. Postage for international students if applicable)$300Non-refundable
International Student fee $1500Non-refundable
Re-admission fee$35Non-refundable
Registration fee$45Non-refundable
Late registration fee$50Non-refundable

School Fees

Tuition$245/unitFor all academic courses. 143 units is required for graduation.
Credit transfer fee$15/credit
Transcript fee$10
Returned check fee$25Non-refundable
Late tuition fee$60/week
Comprehensive examination$100
Graduation examination$100
Graduation fee$200Including diploma, official transcript, and commencement.

Internship Fees

Clinical internship fee$15/hour960 hours is required for graduation.
Malpractice insurance for internship$150

Check or Money Order payable to: California University-Silicon Valley

Zelle Transfer to:

Wire Transfer to: California University -Silicon Valley
441 De Guigne Dr. Sunnyvale, CA 94085
Account No: 325041434886
Swift Code: BOFAUS3N
Bank Name: Bank of America
Bank Code: 121000358